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Facial Treatment: Tips from Celebrities for Real Men

Often, men do not care for their skin. This is due to the prejudices such care about your appearance is only female work. The bravest buy the cheap products, believing that expensive cosmetics only fit women. However, they forget that beautiful, healthy skin today is an indispensable attribute of the image of a successful man. Today the brutal Hollywood “macho” as David Beckham, Ashton Kutcher, and Ryan Reynolds share their secrets.

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David Beckham

The David Beckham morning begins with skin washing and peeling. Sometimes he uses a feeding mask. After that, he applied a thin layer of moisturizer cream to the skin. If it is necessary, he masked circles under the eye with concealer.

Ryan Reynolds

To reduce the risk of skin cancer Ryan Reynolds uses means for protection from ultraviolet radiation. In addition to protecting against UV-rays, it also has the effect of narrowing the pores and allowing control of the appearance of wrinkles.

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Ashton Kutcher

Like Reynolds and Beckham, Ashton Kutcher prefers treatments with protection against sunlight. In addition, for skincare, he uses microcrystalline dermabrasion. This procedure is a skin resurfacing of microcrystals of aluminum oxide. The overall condition of the skin improves, increases its elasticity, and reduces acne.

Want to look like a star of a Hollywood blockbuster? It’s easy, you just choose high-quality facilities for the care of skin and apply them regularly. You should remember that the men’s and women’s skin is very different, so your girlfriend’s expensive products will not fit your skin! In addition, it is very important to get rid of expired cosmetics means, because they bear more harm than good. You need to take care of yourself. Every day more and more men are convinced of this.

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