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5 Summer Tips for Men Who Do Care About Their Skin

The modern world requires men to look good in any season. Summer is not an exception. Do you think that summer is not winter and your skin feels great without any care? You’re totally wrong. Unfortunately, summer can be downright cruel to your skin if you don’t look after it properly. At a barbershop New York city we know how to take care of your skin in summer. Follow these tips and your skin will shine as bright as the sun even in the scorching heat.

Never Forget about the Sunscreen!

One of the greatest skin-caring sins is leaving the house in the summer without using sunscreen. Dermatologists say that men who don’t use sunscreen run the risk of getting sun damage and as a result suffer from redness and irritation. To begin with, look for a sunscreen that has at least an SPF of 30. It also should be oil-free. You should apply it every two hours when you are outside. One of the advantages of using sunscreen is that it also helps to keep the skin looking young.

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Face-Washing Procedures

Your skin tends to get oily more often than you think. You should clean your face at least twice a day with a cleanser or face wash. It is better to use the variant as chemical-free as possible. One of the ways to avoid chemicals is to use homemade cleansers. It can be, for instance, a paste made with raw milk, or a ripe mashed banana with a few drops of lemon or orange juice. You can also try a cleanser that opens your pores and flush out toxins from the skin. You can get such by mixing fresh aloe vera pulp or juice with lemon juice.

Invigorating Moisturizing

Want to have good skin? Moisturize it! It will keep your skin hydrated and fresh and also prevents appearing of wrinkles and laugh lines. Get natural hydration by using a mix of cucumber and tomato juice.

Aftershaves Before Everything!

Aftershaves must be an integral part of your skin caring procedures. Give your preferences to aftershave balms that deal with skin damage, restore lost moisture, reduce sensitivity and soothe skin.

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Use Toners

Your skin loses its ability to stay elastic under the bad influence of the pollutants and grime. You can get firm and clean skin with the help of toner. It also helps to reduce the risk of ingrown hairs after shaving.

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