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Colored Hair: Care and Treatment

A lot of people nowadays change their hair colours. Some of them want to be brighter and stand out from the crowd, others try to hide their grey marks. These people have different reasons, but a common goal – to have a bright, live colour of the hair.

Statistics say that 70% of women coloured their hair. If you one of them Barbershop in the New York prepared some advice for you.


The colour of your hair primarily depends on good conditioning.

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Frequency of Washing

Water is the first enemy of colour. Wash your hair as less as possible, better 2-3 times per week. That’s will help your colour last longer. In between, you can use dry shampoo, which will soak up oil from your roots and make them look freshly.

Abstaining from Shampoo

After colouring, wait minimally 2 days for using shampoo. If you can wait for 3-4 days before washing, it will be even better. It helps colour to set.


When you take shower without washing hair try to prevent wetting hair because it promotes fading the colour.

Water Temperature

Reduce water temperature when shampooing, it’s better to do the washing with warm or even cold water. Hot water leaches colour from your hair faster.

Conditioner Over Shampoo

“Forget” about your shampoo and use only conditioner from time to time. Shampoo leaches more colour from your hair than conditioner. But never do conversely – don’t shampoo your hair without a conditioner.

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Special Products

Use special products created for dyed hair (colour-protecting shampoo, for example). Using them makes your hair look healthier and colour lively.

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Deep Conditioning

Use deep conditioning minimally once a week.

Next Colouring

Prepare your hair for the next colouring with the help of the clarifying shampoo.

Heat-Protecting Products

If you use heat treatments, such as hair straightener or curling iron, prepare your hair with heat-protecting products.

Healthy Diet

Keep to a healthy diet. Healthy hair grows only on a healthy body.


Vitamins – are keys to healthy and strong hair. Vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin B – is your vitamin minimum.

With stable care, you can make your dyed hair look vitally shiny. Knock yourself out!

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