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Barbershop and Salon Etiquette

If you want to have good relations with your barber or stylist and as a result get a proper haircut, you should know barbershop and salon etiquette. You can make barbers’ new york city or stylists’ jobs easier if you keep in mind the following tips.

Like a Monk While Meditating

Try not to move. This is the one and biggest problem that interferes with a barber’s or stylist’s work. Try to sit still without making unexpected moves if you want to get a perfect cut. If you move even an inch or so at a critical time during the haircut you can get a choppy area and it is one of the best variants of the possible consequence. If it is necessary for you to grab your phone or just get more comfortable warn your barber or stylist first or do it when they aren’t cutting.

Punctual like a German

Don’t be late. Try to be in time for an appointment. It will make barber or stylist’s work easier and more comfortable. They have a calculated time which they have decided to devote especially for you. Consequently, if you’ll be late they have to be in a hurry because the next client may be already waiting. You should call and let them know that you’re running late.

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Be Confident in Your Preferences

Know what you want. You have the consultation before the cut where you can discuss all possible variants and choose the suitable one. Don’t try to change your mind during the cut or when the haircut is finished. If your haircutter works are appointments or the barbershop/hair salon is busy, you can be sure that you’ll get a rush job. If you really must change your mind about the type of haircut, try to do it before you get too far and a stylist will have an opportunity to adapt the haircut.

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Live like an Early Bird

Don’t be the last visitor. The barber and stylist’s work is really hard because they spent the entire day on their feet with their hands in the air. And at the end of the day, they may not be at their best that is why it is better to get in and out early.

As if Mobile Never Existed

Don’t use your phone. Before the haircut, it is better to turn off your phone and put it aside, in a bag for example. Just forget about it for a brief. You’ll have the time to relax and barbers new york city will have an opportunity to concentrate.

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