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Top-5 Men’s Hairstyles for Curly Hair

There is no easy task to find a good hairstyle if you are a curly-haired guy.

Let’s start from the point that curly hair is not equal. There are different types of it.

As it is defined at barbershops in NYC, there are 3 “curly” hair types:

1) Wavy hair (when it’s not curled, it waves on your head);

2) Coiled hair (when it’s ringlets or corkscrews on your head);

3) Kinked curly hair (that hair, which is really curly).

Now it’s time to select a nice hairstyle for you. Here are top-5 hairstyles for men and we are sure, that a minimum one of them will be to your taste.

Shake and Go

This is the best option for medium-length curly hair. Just like it is in the name of the paragraph, the procedure of the styling is trivial – you should just shake your hair, let it lies in a free manner, and go.

This hairstyle will suit all the three types of “curly hair” and it’s very good for guys who want to grow their hair to a medium length.

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Side Part

The side part is one of the classical hairstyles for men. It’s a very spread style, especially, among mothers, who want to see their sons very formal and at the age of 12, they look like 40-years men.

It is a good option for men with wavy and coiled hair from the short to the medium length.

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Ivy League Haircut

This is a very short and at the same time very static haircut. It is suitable for men with all curly hair types. Also, this hairstyle is very easy in styling, because, as was mentioned it is short (for about 1-2 inches).

Recon Haircut

The Recon hairstyle is also a short one. In military slang, this hairstyle is known as “the landing strip”.

This hairstyle is appropriate for 3 “curly” hair types, but it looks best on coiled hair and kinky curly hair.


The name of this paragraph is inkling this hairstyle for Afro-American people with a special texture of the hair. But if you have a coiled “curly” hair type, it can also suit you.

In this case, 2 new terms appeared – Jewfro or Whitefro.

This hairstyle is good on the medium and on the long length.

Guys, remember, you shouldn’t regret you have curly (and not straight, for example) hair, it’s a perfect hair type and you can choose from a variety of styles and it’s only up to you how to look like.

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