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Men Also Do This: Self-Care After 30

Hollywood stars often surprise us with their ability to look 10 years younger. In their arsenal, there are some simple tricks that men should use too. How to care for after 30?

Care for Your Hair, like Brad Pitt

This man is so compelling that he was entrusted to represent the legendary fragrance Chanel №5. However, the 49-year-old actor has been tirelessly working on himself, and he doesn’t look more than 30.

His advice:

  • Facial advice. After a hot shower cleanses the skin with the scrub, then put on a mask with vitamins. Do these twice a week. And don’t forget about moisturizer cream.
  • Simple tricks. If the schedule is so tight that there is no time to take a shower, Pitt rescues an ordinary baby powder. According to the actor’s comments, it works more effectively than any deodorant.
  • Right Livelihood. The main thing in Brad’s life is daily exercise and a healthy diet. It would seem that could not be easier. But you will need huge strength of will.

WHAT to borrow: the habit of using moisturizing cream for men. You need to apply the cream every day after shaving at night.

Weekly peeling of the face help get rid of unsightly dirty pores.

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Change Your Appearance as Jared Leto

He is not only an actor, musician, and businessman, but also he is the advertising face of the men’s fragrance Hugo Red. It remains to determine how Jared at 41 can look 10 years younger.

His advice:

  • Veganism. Leto admits that among his vices is to not include a craving for alcohol. For 20 years he adheres to a strict vegetarian diet.
  • Change the image. It is nothing for him to dye his hair green, to make a clean shave.
  • Flexibility. Jared is known for his ability a record time put on weight and lose weight. The audience saw him as the fat man and the “skeleton”. It is necessary to pay tribute to the actor – after the completion of the film, he quickly regains the perfect shape. Daily exercise and biking help him in this.

WHAT to borrow: the ability to afford the small liberty in style. It is not necessary to color your hair pink, but why not make a fresh cut in accordance with the fashion trends?

So, follow these tips and you will see an amazing result.

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