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How to Cut a Beard and Mustache

Some people think that the trim should be done by professionals only. It is not true. You need only have an experience of this. Of course, if you don’t have good coordination of movement – it is better to go for a barber or a specialist.

What Trimmers Do You Need?

Ideally for cutting a beard you need three different trimmers:

  1. For shaving;
  2. For cutting the mustache and whiskers;
  3. For cutting beards

Each of these trimers has different width of razor, a different frequency of use, a different angle between the blade or cutting mechanism and handle, and different speeds blunting the cutting parts. Impressive? It is complicated for the novice, this arsenal can afford only a professional barber, because you need not only buy a shaving system but also learn how to use it, take care of and cleaned it. Therefore, in barbershops in NY there is a service for trimming beards and mustaches. In addition, a professional should help you to choose the style of beard, the beard softening shampoo for washing, and a special comb.

If, however, you choose to cut your beard without assistance, then you should buy scissors and budget models of beard trimmers.

It is desirable to buy scissors in a hairdresser’s professional shop, but, ordinary scissors are also suitable. The main condition is that they should be firm and not blunt.

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Choosing a Trimmer

When you choose a trimmer it is better to give preference for a wireless model. Almost trimmers have a complete packing, with nozzles for receiving a particular length of hair. An important thing in choosing a trimmer will be the solving minimum and maximum length of the hair, which can be cut with the nozzle. The trimmer can trim a large beard without nozzles, but you must remember that any wrong move can spoil everything. It is best to start with the use of the “big” nozzles (of course, you can choose it with the length of the beard), and then gradually move to the “small” nozzles.

You will also need a comb with large teeth for trimming, preferably wooden. For a small mustache is best to use the comb with small teeth. And, of course, a mirror.


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