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How to Make the Beard Softer and More Obedient?

The luxury obedient beard is a rare case. More often, the hair begins to grow in the wrong direction. One of the most unpleasant moments of a bearded man is bristle prickliness. But don’t shave your mustache or beard. Firstly, not all men have prickliness. Secondly, this is a temporary phenomenon that stops when the hair will be longer.

The hair on the beard is tougher than the hair on the head and consists of several layers of the epidermis. The more layers are, the more rigid the hair looks. The hair on the hands has a couple of layers, but the mustache and beard are more layered.

Here are some tips which can make your beard and mustache softer:

Natural Method

Be patient, if you are tired of a naughty prickly beard and decide to cut it – stop and think again. There is a two-week period when your face looks swollen and nothing can be done with it. All that remains to you is to wait until the beard grows long enough to straighten up under its own weight. The beard has a transition period. To sit and wait may sound not reliable, but it requires a minimum of effort and as a result, you get your fabulous-looking beard.

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Express Method

Take a hot shower. Moisture steam out your skin and a beard. You may use any moisturizing oil to complement the procedure of washing. Notice, that you even do not need special beard oil. A facial mask with the oil will better the overall state of the skin, so put a towel on the face for 5-10 minutes and then massage it.

Don’t wash your beard every day: do not listen to women, when they claim that the beard must be constantly washed. Daily washing of the beard, makes the hair tougher and washes away the natural oils that usually make hair manageable. Of course, we should not completely forget about washing the beard, but if you do it at least every other day, it will have time to accumulate oil to patch up a coaxial system of hair.

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