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What Annoys Your Barber?

Barbers are those people, who make your look better. But your actions or words can make their life worse. If I were in your case, I will be scared, because barbers are also those people, who operate with sharp objects. So, if you want your ears to stay put, and have your haircut awesome, read about the things you should never do and say in the barber’s chair.

Leave Your Lady at Home

Especially, if she thinks she knows better what haircut will suit you. Especially, if she gives notice on this issue to your barber.

We are sure, that if someone directs your barber, he will don’t like it. You should understand he is an artist. And his creative personality can be offended.

Also, if your barber is a woman, especially a pretty woman, there is an opportunity this time will be your last visit to her, because women are very jealous creatures, as you know.

Stop Staring

Staring at your barber is not only mannerless, but it is also uncomfortable for both of you. When your barber tries to wash your head or shave you, it’s quite obvious you should close your eyes and just soak up the atmosphere. Of course, you can stare at your new awesome haircut, it’s allowed.

Don’t Moan

Are you impolite? We think not. That’s why you shouldn’t moan at the barber’s chair. It is clear that moaning can be a natural reaction to good, relaxing shampoo. But try to cover your moaning. And one more thing, don’t try to moan with open eyes.

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Don’t Cut Hair on Your Own

You are not a naughty five-year-old, who can be forgiven, because he is too young. But you should understand how hard is to fix that haircut, which you have done on your own.

If you just want to clean up your borders, say your barber about it, it will cost less than a full haircut, but it will be probably better for you and for your barber.

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Be Realistic

When you come to the barbershop with celebrities’ photos is cool, you have prepared. But barbers can’t change your face shape or your hair type, but they will try to do their best according to the lights.

Don’t Wear Earphones

Don’t be an asshole, your barber shouldn’t try to knock on you during the cut and waste his time. Remove your earphones.

Sit Still!

There are a lot of sharp objects near your face. Trying to pick up the phone without warning is not a good idea. Don’t you like your ears? Or do you think 2 are too many?

The best Barber Shop in Midtown hopes these tips will be useful for you and you will follow them.

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