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How to Look Like David Beckham?

David Beckham is already 40 years old, but this legendary football player is still a fashion icon. This guy can make women swoon and men search for their gym membership cards. Do you want to have a hairstyle as David Beckham has? Read how to do it in this article.

A soft undercut with a naturally-styled quiff – it is the name of the hairstyle David Beckham has. You can come with the paper with these words on it to your barber and ask him to do this with you or you can try to style it on your own.

What is the Style?

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What Face Shape will It Suit?

This hairstyle is good for guys with long faces. Quiff will help your face not to look so long. At the same time sweeping the top backward will add height to your hairstyle and accentuate your cheekbones.

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What Hair Type will It Suit?

We have good news, this hairstyle suits almost all hair types. It works best with the natural wave hair type. Consider your attention, thicker hair can become thinner on the top, because of the weight of the hair and the weight of styling products. Curly hair can provide different variations of the hairstyle’s silhouette.

Also, pay attention, fine hair requires more salt spray or paste for lifting.

How to Style It?

This hairstyle may look difficult, but in fact, it is very easy. Take a shower and wash your hair. Don’t forget about the conditioner. Let it air dry for 5-15 minutes then blow dry it with a special vent brush before it has dried. Apply a small amount of salt spray on your hair or a paste, and give some hold to your hair. It’s better to use your fingers for good styling than comb or brush.

What You Should Tell to Your Barber?

You can just bring a photo. Or, you can just ask for a disconnection between the top and the back and sides. But remember, it shouldn’t be clipper work, just scissors. And don’t forget you need to keep the top long, so ask your barber not to take off the length from it.

Now you have a hairstyle just like David Beckham and it’s pretty cool. But if you want to look like him, you also need to go to the gym, take care of your skin, have a beautiful wife, and several billiards dollars.


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