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Why Grooming is So Important?

Every guy wants to be more attractive. It’s a normal desire. What do you need for feeling self-assured? A good-fitting suit? A smooth face? A super fashionable haircut?

The best barbershop in New York City has prepared top tips for you for looking your best. Check them right now!

Get to Learn Your Hair

Do you want your hair to look great not only after the barbershop? It’s not so hard! You should only get to learn your hair. Which hair products are best suited to you?

If are God blessed and have a luscious mane, you can use pomade or wax, which will hold your hair in shape. If your hair is thinning out the best option is clay or matte styling paste, which will make your hair look thicker.

Remember one simple rule – go easy with styling products. Don’t turn a nice hairstyle into a mess.

Also, we can recommend using less shampoo – every two or three days is more than enough.

Be gentle to your hair, especially, after the shower, when it is the most fragile. Give it some time to air dry, don’t use a towel, and use a blow dryer only on the lowest setting.


Wash your face every morning, but avoid using soap, which dries your skin on frequent occasions. Dry skin feels like a sandpaper-rough to the touch. That’s why a good option is a cleanser. Choose the good one, which will be appropriate for your skin type.

Don’t forget about daily moisturizing and creams. If you are more than 30 – age-defying lotion and daily skincare creams are very necessary.

If it is summer don’t forget about good UV protection. And remember, you should use it not only on sunny days because UV light can be just as harmful on cloudy days and even in winter.

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The first rule is “shaving requires time”. We only remember about it in the last minutes before leaving the home, but it’s wrong. You should be prepared for it and devote time to it.

  1. Wash your face with a cleanser and with warm water before starting shaving.
  2. Apply gel or foam to your face and leave it for a few minutes. It will soften the hair and reduce irritation.
  3. A big advantage is a decent shaving brush, that’s why don’t be greedy and buy for yourself.
  4. If you have not done enough close shaving, the problem is in the razor. Don’t forget to change after every 4-5 shaves.
  5. After the whole procedure rinses your face with cold water and applies aftershave.

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These simply grooming tips from the best barbershop in NYC will help you to look handsome, follow them and stay self-assured.

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