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Haircut Problems of Senior Men

The older you become, the more problems with hair you have. It’s common fact. And it’s not a secret, that aged men can’t choose a suitable haircut, because there are some factors, which hamper them to choose it. So, how to choose the haircut, which will be suitable and at the same time, it will whitewash your hair problems? You can find the answers in this article. We have listed the most common hair problems and the haircuts, which will hide them.

Receding Temples

How to deal with it: In this case, the best solution is a finger-length cut (or roughly an inch is its secondary name) all over the head. This length will help the recession at your temples not be so visible.

Celebrity with such problem: Justin Theroux

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Thinning Crown

How to deal with it: The hair should be approximately 1-inch in length. The hair around the baldness should be a little bit longer, than on the rest of the head. In this case, extra hair will compensate the thinning crown.

Celebrity with such problem: Hugh Laurie

Overall Thinning

How to deal with it: Overall hair thinning is your personal limbo before total hair loss. The problem is that your head is still full of hair, but it is so thin, that your scalp is visible through it. The solution is simple – you can cut it all, as many people do, or ask to have it layered and cut forward, without a part.

Celebrity with such a problem: Michael Bolton

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Total Balding

How to deal with it: In this case, you have two solutions. The first one is to shave the head as many people do. Or you can keep the hair on the sides, but make sure it’s tidy.

Celebrity with such problem: Jim Cramer

Receding Hairline and Thinning Crown

How to deal with it: There is only one option except the shaving, you can ask the barber to blend from the thin spots to the corners. Make sure you have a smooth transition from hair to scalp.

Celebrity with such problem: Kelsey Grammer

Remember, that thinning hair, receding hairline, and even baldness are not verdicts. You can still be masculine and desirable, just choose the right haircut.

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