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Pedantic Messy Hair: How to Get It

One of the most popular hair trends nowadays is a textured and messy look. You could see its natural shape and waves on the men’s podiums, photographic sessions, at the celebrities’ parties, and, of course, it was asked at the best Barber Shop in New York City. But there is a little bit more to this trendy style than simply getting up from the bed and praying the God you will have a good hair day today.

The best Barber Shop in NYC Midtown has prepared a detailed guide for you on how to get pedantic messy hair domiciliary.

What Haircut You Should Have Before Styling?

When you come to the best Barber Shop in New York City and say you want a messy look, our barbers will quickly understand what they should do. They know for this style it will be better to cut weight out of the hair rather than length.

What Hair Type Is Appropriate for This Style?

This hairstyle works for most types of hair. Every barber from our Barber Shop can adopt this style for your hair type. It’s easier, for example, for thick hair, because for this hair type it will be much easier to reduce hair weight without removing length for the textured look.

On the other side, fine hair styling is a little bit more difficult. In this case, you should retain as much volume as possible, that’s why the best option is to go for a choppy look.

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Get a stylish Haircut in the center of Manhattan

Pick among the variety of styles!

Will Suit Your Face Shape?

The answer is yes in most cases. One little nicety concerns the round face shape, if you have it, it will be better to take the weight out to square it off and slim it down.

How Should You Style It?

The secret of the marvelous set is the salt spray. It is very easy to apply and it makes real magic with your hair. All you need is a towel, to have some dry after the shower, then spray it and style with the help of your fingers, scruffing up all over. This procedure brings volume and diversifies the texture of your hair.

Also, you can use a Super Dust for styling, but keep in mind, that after this you should blow dry your hair.

Or the Styling Paste can be also applied for a bit more shine and hold.

The best Barber Shop in NYC Midtown hopes that this piece of advice will be beneficial for your and your style will be pedantically messy as you want.

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