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Winter Has Come! Change Your Hair Care

Haircare in winter is a little bit different than hair care in autumn, spring, or summer. Winter brings cold weather, winds, and snow. Of course, all these factors have a negative impact on your hair. How to deal with it? Barbershop Midtown in New York City has a list of advice for you.

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Wash Your Hair Frequently

If you lead an out-of-door lifestyle or have a job in the open air, it’s very important to wash your hair frequently (up to 2 times per day). Otherwise, your hair tends to become rigid. This problem can lead to hair thinning and hair loss.

But, at the same time, you should also remember, that you shouldn’t wash your hair too frequently, and use only good shampoo for your hair type during the washing.

Oil Your Hair

Shampoo takes away natural oils from your hair and scalp and they become unprotected. That’s why hair oiling is a very important factor in winter hair care. We recommend you oil your hair a minimum of one time in two days. Hair oiling has certain benefits, for example, it helps your roots to be strong, prevents hair loss during the cold months, and so on.

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Conditioning is one of the essential rules of right healthy hair care. Especially it is important in winter. Conditioner protects your strands from harsh weather conditions and improves their elasticity. Don’t forget to use it after every hair wash.

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Don’t Use a Towel

Correctly these tip sounds like: “Don’t use a towel just after the shower”. Using a towel leads to weak roots and hair fall. Try to dry your hair naturally or use a T-shirt instead of a towel. It will dry your hair more carefully.

Good Nutrition

It’s quite obvious, that good nutrition is important over the year, but in winter it is an essential part of your hair care. The lack of minerals and vitamins can lead to serious health problems and problems with hair among others. Add more eggs, fish, beans, fruit, and vegetables to your nutrition. And don’t forget to visit your doctor if you decide to take supplements.

This list by barbershop midtown in New York City is only an addition to your usual hair care routine. You can add some tips or correct some of them. Follow them and your hair will be protected in winter.

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