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Tips to Stop Beard Itching

The most abundant reason why guys give up growing a beard is itching. You want to scratch your face again and again and that’s why it beats you. The best barbershop in New York City knows some simple rules, which can help you to stop this unbearable itching without shaving.

This problem usually appears in the first week, when you only decide to grow a beard, but at the same time, you don’t know which difficulties you can confront. Itching becomes so annoying, that you take a razor, foam, and something else and wait on another ripe situation to become a “beardman”.

You should remember, that itching is temporary, and you are a strong man and can cope with it. Waiting is a good practice, especially, if you are a Buddhist, but our barbershop has prepared three tips on how to turn this corner. Check them right now!

Beard Cleaning

During the first (and maybe second) week, new sharp hairs irritate your skin surface and you feel itching. It happens because of dead skin cells, which are scaling from your face, but the facial hair catches them and they irritate the surface of the face. That’s why we recommend you not to use your regular shampoo for beard cleaning. Instead of it, we suggest you use a special beard shampoo, which helps with the flaking of the skin.

Medicine Man Beard Wash can be a good option.

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Beard Repairing

There are some chances that a fortnight passed, but your beard is still itching. It can be caused by hair damage (from heat styling, for example), or by harsh soap. It means your beard hair is damaged and you should help it.

You can use a Bluebeards Wonder Repair or something like this for healing. This cure will absorb the proteins and prove moisture to the hair. Consequently, when hair is repaired, it stops itching.

Beard Conditioning

Your facial hair is like the hair on your head: it also needs conditioning. But pay attention, your regular conditioner can irritate your sensitive facial skin. Your beard requires another one, which will contain anti-tangling agents.

For example, you can use Bluebeards’ premium conditioning products, which will make your beard softer and stop itching.

Beard is a symbol of wisdom. Grow your beard with sageness and you will see perfect results in short term.

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