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How to Explain What Haircut Do You Want?

You’d come to the barbershop and didn’t know, how to say to your barber, which haircut you want. It’s a common problem, but one of the best barbershops in the New York City races to your rescue.

These helpful tips will save you from difficulties, which you could feel in the barber’s chair.

Take a Photo

Find a photo of the haircut you favor in Google, print it, and bring it with you to the barbershop. Or you can just show your selfie after the previous haircut to your barber.

In this case, you will help your barber to understand what you want right.

How Long Should It Be

“How long, how long…” – sang Red Hop Chilly Peppers. Your barber wants to know – how long your hair should be? If you have a haircut and you didn’t like it because it was too short or, conversely, too long, say about this incident to your barber. In this case, he will understand what you want better.

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Sides and Back

If you come to the new barber, and you know, scissors or clippers have used your previous barber, you should tell about it. What attachment or number of the clippers were used is also useful information.

If you don’t know this information, ask a barber to start with the longest one, and then try it shorter and shorter, until you see the optimal result.

Also, your barber wants to know, how much hair should be cut from your ears, and how far from the ear it should be. These and other answers will help your barber make the haircut of your dream. So, tell about it to your barber, especially, if you have specific requisitions.


You see your haircut only from the one side (or from 3, if you are really interested), but you don’t see, what is behind it. That’s why we recommend you discuss your neckline before the start.

What neckline have you had? Square? Round? Tapered? Do you want to save it or change it? Make a consideration.


Check the top and everything will be tip-top! The top is cut lastly. Check the length of it and everything will be perfect.

Make Sure

Ask your barber to take photos of your new haircut from different sides and make sure that everything is OK.

That’s all and you look gorgeous!

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