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Something New About Haircuts

As if Mobile Never Existed

Every time you think about making a new haircut or refreshing your old one there is a couple of things you should know. You can find here little-known but very interesting facts about your hair and some tips on how to get the best out of your cut. We know how to help you at barbershops in NYC.

Don't Waste Your Time

Don`t cut your hair too often. It is kind of a useless thing because it doesn`t make your hair grow faster. Cutting your ends every week will not affect your hair growth. Try trimming instead, it will keep your hair healthy as it grows.

While Cutting...

Layer your hair according to your hair texture, when cutting. If you have curly hair, try something messy or irregular. And if you have straight long hair — vice versa.

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Hair Wash Before Going to the Barbershop

Don`t wash your hair the day before cutting your hair. You will be having your hair washed anyway at the salon. So there is no need to over-dry your hair.

Wet & Dry Hair

Trim or cut your hair when it is dry. It is important to know, especially if you have natural hair. Cutting your hair when it is wet can lead to such problems as split ends.

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Surf the Web

If you want to try something new with your hair, or even try a new stylist, search for some ideas on the Internet. You can also make sure that you have chosen the right barbershop.

Choosing a Fringe

If you want to have a bang, choose the one that fits you. Long, wispy bangs are perfect for a square face, while softer, shorter bangs work best to frame a round face.

Short Haircut

Don`t think that it is easy to have short hair. Cutting off your hair doesn’t make hair care simpler. It is much more difficult to keep the shape and style fresh.

Split Ends

Trim your ends regularly or they will continue to split up the length of the hair, making your hair brittle and weak. When you start to notice that you have split ends it’s time to get a cut.

Use our tips, experiment with them, and be ready for changes. They will definitely make your hair look wonderful.

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