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How to Take Care of a Shaved Head

If you are thinking about shaving your head at a barbershop in NYC for the first time, read our tips and you will definitely succeed. Of course, there are some things you should be aware of, before doing it. But with the help of our article, they will not be such a big problem for you. We know how to help you at the barbershop in NYC.

Get Someone Else's Opinion

If you are doing it for the first time, it is better to go to your barber. He or she will give you some helpful advice. Moreover, you can ask your friends and relatives what they think about your future transformation. If you are in doubt, of course.

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Want to Do It by Yourself?

If you still wanna do it at home, cut your hair short first and then use a razor. Don`t forget about foam, it would be better to do it in the shower. Use a new, multi-blade razor. It will give you a better effect and cause less damage to your scalp. You can use the same foam that you use for shaving your face. But it should be one for sensitive skin and without any additives. Stand in front of a mirror, for a better view.

Safety Goes First

And the main rule: don`t rush. It is not a good idea if you are working with a sharp razor and sensitive skin.

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After Shaving

After shaving, you still have to take care of your head. You should wash your hair every day, or once in two days. Use gentle shampoo or even soap.

Moistening - Is a Rule

Moistening is one of the basic rules for those who shaved their head. Apply special oil or lotion every time you shave your head. You can use them every day in winter when your skin becomes extra dry. And in summer, when the sun can cause a lot of damage to your scalp.


Massage your hair. Such thing a massage gives good blood flow. It also feels great and relaxing.

So, no matter what is the reason for your decision to shave your head, use our tips and be happy.

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