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Long Hair for Men

Long hair is no longer associated with rock stars or hippies. Having long hair is stylish and fashionable. If you want to have long hair and look like a real man, read our tips. We know how to help you at the barbershop in midtown.

Use Hair Conditioners

Long hair becomes dry very fast. Such a thing can ruin your dream to have long hair. Use conditioner three times a week, after you shampoo. But be careful with them if you have such a problem as greasy hair. You should experiment with the frequency of conditioner usage before you find the one that fits you. The main purpose of the conditioner is to moisturize your hair and scalp. You can use natural alternatives instead of chemical ones.

Try our out the award-winning leave-in conditioner from John Paul Mitchell Systems. It replenishes and conditions strands with Vitamin E and panthenol, locking in moisture for hair that’s soft and manageable with a glossy-smooth finish.

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No More Artificial Treat

Forget about straightening, dyeing, curling, and blow-drying your hair. Everything should be done in a natural way. Artificial threatening causes a lot of damage to your hair and its texture.

Humble Yourself

Humble yourself that now hair knotting, split ends and kinky hair are something you will have to live with. Of course, these problems sound a little bit girly but don`t mind it. You should use your comb more often.

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Tie Your Hair

When your hair will be long enough, it would be better to tie it in a ponytail. It will prevent your hair from knotting, especially if it is badly moisturized. It is especially important while sleeping or when it is windy weather outside.

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Drink Water

Try to drink more water and eat fruits and vegetables. They will give you vitamins that help your hair grow fast.

Be Confident

Your hair-growth decision requires constant confidence. Keep in mind your dream all the time. Find something or someone who motivates you and follow it through the good and the bad. Imagine yourself having long hair and your dreams will come true.

Show your personality to the world and it will open new doors for you. Use our tips and make your dream come true.

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