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Hair Advice for Senior Men

If you reached that forty mark it doesn`t mean that you can not have great hair. There are a huge number of different hairstyles for different cuts. Read our tips and make sure that your hair still can look awesome. We know how to help you at barbershops in NYC.

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Silver Fox

If you started to go grey it is the best time to stick to your natural hair color. Embrace your natural hairstyle because when hair is shorter you’ll be struggling with the upkeep.

Free the silver fox in you. And if you need some inspiration, just take a look at George Clooney!


Of course, experiments are something good but don`t go too wild on them. Though you were once young enough to wear a mohawk, it doesn`t mean you still can do it. If you don`t wanna look like black sheep. That being said we’re not advising you to completely give up and shave your hair. There is a big amount of styles and variants that fit your age.

Talk to your barber, he can tell what is better exactly for you. It is important that your hairstyle has to reflect your lifestyle, social status, and age.

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Short or long?

There is one fact that can add some problems for deciding on your new hairstyle. It is thin hair. If you are over forty it is normal to have thin hair. In this case, it would be better to keep your hair short. Such a trick will appear like you have more hair than you do. If you still want to have long hair, add some volume, or make it look a little bit messy. Jared Leto is a good example of it.

Temples & Crown

If you are thinning at the temples, such styles as the fade, the buzz cut, shaped with a side parting, or a faux hawk are perfect for you. For those thinning at the crown, the best is to keep your hair as close to the scalp as it is possible. Don`t forget about hair styling products. They can be very useful for you. And also vitamins and minerals give you the nutrition you need.

Use these tips and be proud of your grey hair. Visit your barbershop and find your own style. And if you will not, just shave it all off and be happy!

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