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Top-7 Classic Men's Hairstyles

Some say that the first thing that people direct their attention to is footwear. But in our opinion, your haircut is the first thing that strangers note. And changing the hairstyle is not as easy as buying a new pair of shoes.

That’s why the best barbers at the barbershop midtown west have prepared a list of top-7 classic hairstyles, so you can’t choose something for yourself.

The Textured Cut with Fringe

The important thing you need to consider you should be prepared for a haircut like this. It means that the length of your hair should be enough for this hairstyle.

Take into account, that this style works better with thick hair and it mismatches if you are receding.

Think twice if you have double crowns or cow’s licks because this style lets your hair lays the way it wants to.

The French Crop

This hairstyle suits most types of face shapes and is a good option for men who are going thinner on the top because it helps to hide any receding patches you have.

Also, this haircut is easy in maintaining, so it’s very good for men, who are going to the swimming pool or to the gym regularly.

It requires a minimum styling, but you should trim your hair every 3-4 weeks.

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Pick among the variety of styles!

The Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut will suit your better if you have a great shape of your head (like Ryan Gosling, for example). At the same time, it suits most face shapes. It’s easy styling and requires a little time for maintaining.

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The Slick Back

This hairstyle is good for straight hair. It suits most face shapes and allows different facial features, such as beards and mustaches. Unfortunately, it’s not good for men with a receding hairline.

And yes, it requires more time for setting, than previous hairstyles in this list.

The Side Parting

It is a classic haircut that suits different hair types and face shapes. But it also requires time for styling, especially, if you want to change your settings.

The Pompadour

This hairstyle works for most hair types and faces shapes, but it’s unsuitable if you have very thick hair. Try it only if you are sure, that you always will have enough time for setting.

If you choose a hairstyle but you are unsure, save the picture on your phone and show your barber, he will tell if this haircut suits you or not and what changes he can suggest for a better look.

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