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Hair Coloring Guide for Men

We are sure, you can conceal those tufts of gray while keeping the overall effect natural and clean. How? With the help of the best Barber Shop in New York City!

Choose the Right Hair Dye

The most spread mistake among men is choosing the wrong hair dye. You can consult with your barber or stylist at first and then you should make sure you’ve selected a bottle with an appropriative formulation.

You have three possible options. The first one is a temporary coloring solution. They sit on the hair for approximately 3 washes. It’s OK if your hair only starts to lighten.

The second one is semi-permanent color. It’s the best option for those who have minimal gray coverage. These colors last up to about 10 washes and won’t permanently lighten.

The second option is for those of you who have got considerably grayer. It is a more permanent pigment that off-the-shelf bottles can’t provide directly, but you need to consult with your stylist.

Get the Right Color

Another spread mistake is selecting the wrong color for your strands. Make sure; you check the packet (the color on the bottle and the color on the box must be the same) before you apply it.

Try to choose hair dye as close to your natural color as possible – no more than one shade lighter or darker should ideally be considered.

Follow the Instructions

Yes, it’s important to read the instructions before using them. The first thing you should do is a ‘skin patch test’, which ensures you have no allergy. Read attentively on wet or dry hair you should apply hair dye. Also, we strongly recommend you to have free hands near you, which can help you within awkward locations such as the back of the head.

Helpful Tools

There are a lot of easy-to-use tools including touch-up pens, applicator combs, and more. Don’t be afraid to search for one that suits your roots.

Admire the Results

Always dye your hair when it’s light out and don’t forget to check hard-to-spot areas for ensuring complete coverage.

Final Tips

Use shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair and avoid pools with chlorine as you may find it bleaches your hair color.

Grey hair is not a verdict, especially in the 21st century! You can still look cool with the best Barber Shop in NYC!

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