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7 Hair Care Mistakes Every Modern Man Can Do

Sometimes your bad hair day ways too long: gels leave your hair limp, the shampoo leaves residue on your scalp, and even a new haircut looks just plain wrong.

If your hair doesn’t look as you want, it means it’s time for some changes, and the best Barber Shop in NYC is ready to help you.


The wrong shampoo can leave your follicles looking limp, dry, split, or downright shabby. For this reason, it’s very important to define your hair type and choose the appropriate shampoo.

Remember, if you have good shampoo, which suits your hair type, you have no need to repeat the procedure of “rinse, lather, wait, rinse.”

Always rinse your hair well after washing, residues of shampoo in your hair can lead to dandruff and make your hair looks dirty just after washing.

Hot water is cool during the shower taking, but it is an enemy during the hair washing. It damages your hair follicles and opens up pores you ideally want to be closed while using shampoo or conditioner. That’s why it’s better to cool or lukewarm water.


Most men skip conditioner, and it’s one of the biggest mistakes (really, it’s better to skip shampoo than conditioner). Try to choose a conditioner, which will be appropriate for your hair type.

Hair Products

Don’t apply different gels, waxes, mousses, and sprays on wet hair, unless it is mentioned in the instruction. Wash out the product well, when you are done with it. Do not leave it on your hair till the next day; it can lead to nasty, matted locks and more serious problems.

Haircare Equipment

Don’t buy everything out of a TV commercial. It can’t perform magic. It’s better to invest money in a decent quality brush with bristles appropriate to your hair type.

We also recommend you to visit your barber and ask him for a piece of advice, on what hair tools you need.


You should reconsider your hair length if your hair is going thin on top. The best option, in this case, is to visit your barber, who can advise you, on which hairstyle will suits you the best.

It looks awful when men try to hide their baldness or have so-called “red tails”. It’s better to have a new short hairstyle, which will suit you better.

Correct these hair care mistakes and come to the Best barbershop in NYC! We are always glad to see you!

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