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4 Grooming Mistakes Every Man Can Do

Your grooming routine is very similar to your real life – you try to do your best, but something goes wrong. In this case, you should try to find a problem. This list by the Chelsea Barbershop in NYC will help you.

Let’s check, what you are doing wrong.

Dull Shoes

Even if you have bought a pair of very good shoes, it doesn’t mean you can leave them on their own. You need to keep them fresh; it means you should regularly clean and polish them, especially in wintertime when they undergo some serious punishment. Remember, good shoes are a good investment in your look, but top-quality dirty shoes do not reflect well on your vision.

Dirty Nails

You think you are a real man, and your maleness doesn’t allow you to make a manicure. It’s a very spread mistake among men. Some of you think that the condition of your fingernails isn’t important, some think that washing your hands with soap is pretty enough, both of you are wrong.

You should clip your nails regularly and keep your cuticles in check. We recommend you to have a good quality nail clipping kit at home, and remember, a manicure is not only for women.

Unkempt Hair

There are three simple rules:

1) Keep your hair clean;

2) Keep your hair cut;

3) Keep your hair under control.

It isn’t difficult, is it?

Check your hair during the day, is it still clean? Nobody will respect the man with oily strands. That’s why we recommend you to have a dry shampoo with you. With the help of dry shampoo, you can return a fresh look to your hair without water, so you can do it anywhere and very quickly.

Trim your hair regularly, every 3-4 weeks, because the ungroomed back of your neck looks really unkempt.

Don’t forget about straying eyebrows and snip away any nasal/ear growth, especially, if you have thick, dark, or coarse hair.

Bad Odor

You should wash your body daily or even better twice a day. When you think you’re not too ‘whiffy’ today some of your female co-workers are secretly holding their breath as you pass. Cologne or deodorant are also welcome, but by no means use them instead of washing or using them too much.

We invite you to visit Chelsea Barbershop. We will be glad to correct your grooming mistakes.

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