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No More Split Ends

Are split ends turned into nightmares for you? Do you wanna have healthy and strong hair? At barbershop NYC we know how to help you. Try our easy steps and split ends will vanish in a moment.

Check Your Hair

Turn the light on and look closely at your hair. Usually, split ends occur at the tip, but you can see it anywhere in your hair. Be attentive, split ends can have the form of different white dots, knots, or holes, but they are the same dangerous for your hair.

Regular Haircuts

The best way to get rid of split endings fast is to cut them down. Of course, you don’t need to cut your hair completely. From five to ten centimeters would be enough. This procedure has to become regular in your life, especially if you have dry hair. It is well known that split ends grow faster in dry hair. You can mark the day of your haircut in a calendar, for you to be easier to remember the day of the last visit of your stylist.

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Treat Your Hair Carefully

Today we can see a lot of different conditioners and shampoos that pretend to «heal» your hair. Unfortunately, it can be just temporary help for your hair, and not the way to make away with this problem. Such products simply hide damage from view, nothing more.

Try to wash your hair a maximum of two times a week. Do it in warm water. Massage gently your scalp and leave the rest of your hair. Don’t use shampoos with sulfate and paraben.

Be careful with a towel. Too much energy and strength are not good for your hair. Squeeze softly wet hair with the towel. When excess water is removed, let it dry naturally. It is better to use a cotton towel. And it is better NOT to use a blow dryer.

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New Comb

If you have such problems as split ends, it is better to have a wide-tooth comb. Start brushing your hair from the bottom and move slowly up. You can help yourself with your fingers. Do not get obsessed with brushing. Three — five times should be enough.

Follow our easy steps and the problem of split ends will never bother you anymore.

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