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New Beard and Facial Hair Trends

Psychologists have proved that changes in appearance can help to cope with different problems, such as splitting up with your soulmate, dismissal from work, or the death of a beloved budgerigar.

The best Barber Shop in New York City has prepared for you a list of new beard and facial hair trends, which you can choose for changes. Check them right now!


It will be trendy to have stubble, like George Clooney or Tom Ford has.

Why this one?

Stubble is a perfect option for those of you, who can’t or don’t want to have a beard. If you have a round face, stubble will hide it and make your cheekbones more visible.

Also, one of the advantages of stubble is that it doesn’t dictate hairstyle as much as a beard does.

How to get it?

It’s easy. You shouldn’t shave until facial hair becomes itchy. Use the lines of your cheekbones to help guide where you want to keep the stubble, and wet shave everything else. We also strongly recommend you have a good quality safety razor for these lines.

Also, if you suffer from shaving rash, you can try a short stubble beard without lining, but tapering instead. It will be the best pick of the bunch if you have a chiseled face, which needs some softening.

The Short Beard

If you need something superior than stubble, and something sub than a beard, the short beard is a nice option.

Full beards need a lot of grooming, which takes time and care. Shorter beards are easier to care for.

Why this one?

The short beard is achievable and adaptable for different face shapes.

How to get it?

You need a month to grow this kind of beard. During this month you should need fortnightly trims, exfoliate and moisturize your skin and use beard oil to keep your facial hair hydrated.


Mustaches are not so popular as beards now, but if you choose this option, you will be different from the stack of identical people.

Why this one?

The first advantage is that you can combine a mustache with stubble, with a beard, or with a clean shaved face. The second advantage is that a mustache suits most men. The third advantage is that there are plenty of choices of mustache, and you can find one, which will suit you the best.

We hope these new options by the best Barber Shop in New York City will be useful for you and you will come to us for making some changes to your appearance, even without any problems.

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