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5 Tips to Change Your Grooming Routine

Do you want to do a grooming revolution this year? New tips by the Barber Shop in New York City will help you. We hope, you have enough enthusiasm.

Right Face Washing

You can think real men wash their faces with laundry soap, that’s why they have so a brutal look. In this case, you are mistaken. Real men will not use even a common soap bar, because they know, that soap strips natural oils out from their skin. If you want to look like real macho you should use mild gel or foaming face wash, which retains moisture. Otherwise, your skin will be flaky and feel like sandpaper.


Remember one simple thing – your face needs moisture. And you should provide it. For good moisturizing firstly wash your face, and only then use moisturizer. Moisturizing is an essential part of your grooming because it keeps skin healthy.

Moreover, it is very important to find moisturizers, which will be appropriate for your skin. There are different moisturizers for sensitive and oily skin, so stay focused!

Don’t forget, that not only your face needs moisturizing. the skin on your body needs moisture just as much as your face. Also, there are some areas on your body, such as the knees, calves, and elbows, which need more moisture. That’s why some vitamin E-rich moisturizers after the shower will be useful.

Keep off the Sun!

Not only in summer but even in winter UV rays can be harmful to your skin. They can lead to photoaging (for example, the wrinkling of skin) and the development of skin cancer.

It doesn’t mean, you should live a vampire lifestyle, come out into the street only at night, and sleep during the day. You can use special SPF cream, which will guard your skin from the pernicious effect of sunlight.

Teeth Cleaning

It may seem silly, but there are a lot of people, who forget to clean their teeth on a schedule. Remember, you should do it two times per day. Also, we recommend you to use floss, which is more adapted for your stoma.

Keep Your Facial Hair Groomed

It’s time to do something with your facial hair: make it longer or shorter, grow a beard, or at least make a clean shave. It’s time for experiments! The only piece of advice – whichever you choose, your facial hair should be well-groomed.

Leave comments, if this list has inspired you for changes. Come to the Barber Shop in New York City for sharing your impressions.

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