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How to Prepare Your Face for Shaving

Clean and close shaving is a hard job. The Barbershop in Midtown will simplify this procedure for you. Check tips and change your everyday morning routine.

Just Clean It!

Wash your face. Warm water and your cleanser are OK. If you have no cleanser (which is not very good for your skin) you can use a shaving soap instead. This procedure is very important because excess oil and dirt make your shaving not so good and can lead to irritation. It also makes your shaving easier and more comfortable. Men with huge experience suggest shaving just after the shower, which is also a good choice.


Pre-shave oil is not an essential, but also a beneficial part of shaving. You massage pre-shave oil into your skin, it becomes more moisturized, supple, and pliable. It reduces the risk of cuts and irritations. That’s why it is also recommended to use pre-shave oil.

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Warm Your Face

You should add some heat to your face. For example, it can be a hot towel. It’s not difficult. You just need to wet a towel with hot water, wrap your face, press the towel and wait for about several minutes. It is a very easy procedure but is very useful at the same time.

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Good Lathering

Lathering is that step, which can make your shaving one of the best, or one of the worst in your life. Bad soap, cream, or foam can bring to naught all your previous steps. Good quality of products is very important for perfect shaving. And the most important part is a special shaving brush! A good brush will hold in necessary moisture, lift the beard, and lather it in preparation for the blade.


A new razor is a perfect way to close and clean shaving. But you can’t use a new razor every time. That’s why you should keep your razor clean. Remember one more thing: Safety Razor (or Double-Edge Razor) and Straight Razor are better than Cartridge Razor. Use only light pressure! Otherwise, you can get some cuts and nicks.

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Closing Pores

After you have a close shaving, you should close your pores. That’s why after the shaving procedure you should rinse it with cold water. Or you can wet the towel in the cold water, and wrap your face, as you did in step #3.


Apply your favorite aftershave, it will help to seal up pores and to smell fresh.

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