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Shaving Brushes from the Badger Hair

A shaving brush is a very important part of shaving. At first, it infuses water into your shaving soap, foam, or cream. Second, it helps to create a perfect lather, which is undoubtedly better, than one created with your hands only. Third, it softly exfoliates your skin, removes dead skin cells, and keeps your skin healthy. At last, a good shaving brush helps you to lift and soften the stubble, which is very important, if you want to have a close shaving.

Pure Badger (or a Black Badger)

This is the most spread type of shaving brush because it is created from the hair that covers the most part of the Badger’s body. They have plenty of color choices, from dark tan to black.

This type of badger brush is easy to find, also it is not very expensive. This brush will feel scratchy at first-second shaving, but then it becomes softer. The Black Badger is the same brush, but it is made only from dark hair.

Best Badger

This type of brush is lighter in color than the previous one. The color of this type ranges from lighter tan to gray, the hairs also are lighter. The hair is more densely filled and less scratchy. But if you prefer wet shaving, you can favor the first type instead of this one.

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Super Badger

The third type is a Super badger. It is made of hairs found on the back of the animal. Also, this brush is known for its black hairs in the middle and light (almost white) at the ends. Some companies even bleach the ends. Super badger is delicate, dense, and soft, at the same time, it is prone to damage. This brush is not scratchy, and the feeling after its use is more luxurious than after the previous ones. It has perfect lathering and holds in water better than Pure badger and Best badger. Also, they are more expensive, than these more budget shaving brushes.

Silvertip Badger

This brush has the highest grade, also they are the most expensive because they are made from the rarest hair, which was taken from the neck of the badger. Like the Super badger, it has shading off from the darkest to the lightest colors. But the ends of this brush never bleach, because of the natural color of the hair. The hairs are very delicate and require special care. Silvertip badger brush has the same abilities as a Super badger, but it absorbs water better and builds fast and perfect lather. This luxurious brush leaves a soft and gentle feel on the face.

It is not eco-friendly to use a brush from the badger’s hair, but at the same time, it is the most comfortable brush for your shaving. So, you choose.

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