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Five Tips for Ideal Summer Hair Care for Men

Are you ready to meet the summer? And what about your hair? If you are not sure that your hair care regimen is proper, barbers at barbershop Midtown Manhattan propose you follow these simple tips.

Hair Washing

Summer is the season of changes, and it is also can be a concern for the hair washing routine. Barbers at barbershop Midtown Manhattan recommend the following: wash your mane as often as you need. No one can say exactly how many times you should shampoo your hair in the summertime; it’s all about how you feel it.


The heat makes your hair dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. If you want to change the situation, include a hair conditioner into your daily routine and provide your mane with extra moisture by doing deep conditioning treatments once a week.

Sun Protection

Your hair and scalp suffer from UV rays just like any part of your body exposed to the sun. Take care of scalp and mane by applying sunscreen lotion or styling products with UV filters. If possible, wear a hat.

Pool Protection

Chlorine is one of the primary sources of damage for any type of hair. Rinse your mane with fresh water before and after swimming – thus, your hair won’t be able to soak damaging water.

Hair Cutting

The best style for summer – any short haircut you like. Not only your hair will feel better, but also you won’t suffer from the additional heating effect of long locks.

Follow our tips and enjoy summertime!

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