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Curly Hair: How to Take Care

Curly hair can be a problem for a man, because:

  • Curly hair in 99% is a dry one, and it gets damaged in contact with a hairdryer.
  • It reacts to humidity.

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How to Care of Curly Hair Properly

Well-groomed curly hair looks stunning, but it requires more care. So, here are some tips:

  • If you want to prevent hair damage, you should use the hairdryer as little as possible.
  • Don’t wash your hair every day.
  • To comb your hair use your fingers or a wide teeth comb. Avoid using a brush.
  • Curly hair needs moisture, so choose shampoo and conditioners that are designed to moisturize the hair. And at least once a week, use a hair mask.
  • Every 2 weeks apply a mask with hot essential oils.
  • After washing your head, just dry a little your hair with a towel. Do not rub it.
  • In case you have prominent hair, apply gel or mousse to wet hair.

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  • Before using a hairdryer or tongs, apply a cream that protects hair from damage. Generally, such products include amodimethicone and dimethicone, they form a cover on the hair, which protects it from damage.
  • If you want to have resilient curls, look at the funds for hair care with keratin and Beetroot Alcohol. It helps keep the volume of the hair.
  • Keep in mind that in the process of cutting your hair, the length can shrink more than expected.
  • After applying conditioner or gel it is better to let your hair air dry.
  • Chlorinated water can fade your hair color.

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