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5 Ways for Healthy Hair

We asked specialists from the barbershop new york city, what changes are biological and what happens due to improper care?


It is the reason №1 why the structure of hair changes. During pregnancy, you can observe changes in your look. The hair becomes thicker and heavy! These all happen because of the hormone estrogen.

Not all hormones have a positive effect on the hair. Thyroid imbalances make hair brittle. Insulin may cause hair loss.

Health & Diet

Unhealthy food causes damage to your body and beauty. If you want to be healthier, you need zinc, biotin, iron, vitamin E, and omega fatty acids. These minerals help hair grow faster. Eat organic food, don’t drink alcohol and you will have gorgeous hair.


You should know, that hair is also getting old. After 40 years, the hair follicles are still working, but the diameter of each hair becomes smaller. The oil glands with age produce less sebum and as a result, your hair becomes dry.

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Medicines not only give benefit to your body, but it also causes harm. If pills are the cause of the hair loss, it will be completely restored only after stopping treatment. The specialists from the barbershop new york city recommend you rub burdock oil into the roots to slow the hair loss.

Chemical Treatments

Unlike the aforementioned causes, you can control this one. The chemical effects on the hair like coloring, and bleaching cause harm to your hair. Using a hair conditioner provides many advantages for you: adds shine and increases its growth. Always use a conditioner after shampoo.

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