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5 Grooming Tips for Redheads

If you have red hair and freckles, you should have a special grooming routine. The best Barbershop in Midtown New York City has prepared this list, especially for you.

You can’t escape from genetics. Especially, this problem was popular in The Middle Ages, when the combo of red hair and green eyes meant you are a witch or a vampire. Also, people thought redheads can turn copper into gold. Anyhow, there were a lot of different rumors.

Times have changed since then, now you can hear, for example, that people with red hair and freckles have no souls.

The only truth is that if you are a redhead, you should have a special grooming routine because your skin is prone to sunburn, freckles, and other peculiarities, which are caused by melanin-rich counterparts.

Never Forget Sunscreen

You should realize, that your skin is specific. It doesn’t produce the skin’s natural sunblock – melanin. Instead of it, your skin produces pheomelanin, which doesn’t protect your skin from UV rays.

Remember, UV light exists not only in the summer, so you need to have sunscreen cream the whole year. The best option is a moisturizer with SPF built-in, for example, one from Malin + Goetz. It helps you to protect your skin both from UV rays and dryness simultaneously.

Watch Your Dots

Freckles are a specific reaction to sunlight, which has people with fair skin. It is very important that these little dots can make you notice potentially cancerous lesions on the skin. That’s why we strongly recommend you to check yourself regularly and see a dermatologist every year for a medical check.

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Less Shampoo, More Conditioner

It is very spread advice, which will be useful even if you aren’t a redhead. Minimize shampoo use and don’t forget about conditioner. It will be even better to wash hair less frequently, on average 2-3 times per week. Maybe you could think you can wash out the color of your hair, but it is the wrong point of view.

Stay Away from Lasers

Unfortunately, a comfortable laser hair removal procedure isn’t recommended for redheads, because the pheomelanin in the hair shaft does not absorb the laser.

Pluses of Red Hair

There is a big advantage of red hair, while blond men and brunets should choose hair styling products, redheads are more able to accommodate glossier products without coming off as greasy.

Remember, you are unique because only 2% of people have red hair!

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