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To Condition or Not to Condition: There Is a Question

Conditioner is one of the most essential hair care products. Choosing a conditioner is a very responsible process, which depends on the hair type, the haircut you have, and the length of your hair.

The best Barber Shop in Midtown NYC has prepared some tips, on why and how you should use conditioner. Check it right now!

The Hair Length

The frequency of use and the type of your conditioner depending on your hair length. If you have a short haircut, it means you refresh it every 3-4 weeks. During this time your hair refreshes, so there is no very special need to use conditioner. You can use it 2-3 times per week when you wash your hair (do you remember, you shouldn’t wash it too frequently?), alternatively, if you have long hair, it has no time for refreshing, so you should use a good conditioner every time you wash your hair, even when you do it without shampoo.

Don’t Fear the Conditioner Using

Some of the conditioners leave your hair smooth and silky, other can make it flat and lifeless. You shouldn’t be scared of the second ones. They are also very good and carry out their job. Also, there are a lot of hairstyling and carrying products like dry shampoo, thickening sprays, pomades, gels, waxes, and pastes, which you use and which can give life back to your hair.

It Does More than You Think

You can underestimate conditioner, but it is really very valuable. As different creams moisturize your skin, it moisturizes the skin on your head – your scalp. Also, it makes your hair smell good, which is also a big advantage, especially in the eyes of the fair sex.

It’s not Wasting of Time

You can think, that when you use conditioner after the shampoo, it is just wasting the time. In this case, you are wrong. Conditioner is a very powerful hair care product, which helps your hair manage bad weather conditions, stresses, and other factors.

Also, you can think that if you use 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, it is enough. It’s absolutely not if you have long or medium hair. And it is allowed if you have short hair, but not on a permanent basis.

The main suggestion from the Barber Shop in Midtown NYC is “never skip the conditioner”! If you have problems with conditioner choosing come to our Barbershop and our masters will gladly help you.

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