Regular Haircut$25.00
Scissor Cut$25.00
Crew Cut$20.00
Crew Cut Shape Up$22.00
Long Layered Cut $30.00
Hot Towel Shave$25.00
Hot Towel Shave with Razor$30.00
Bear Trim$15.00
Beard Trim with Razor$15.00
Shape Up$12.00
Hair Wash$5.00

Fifth Avenue Barber Shop is a fine example of a classical barbershop. However, we have evolved into much more than that. We started with a dream to bring back what was good about traditional barbershop. But in the process we created something entirely unique.  As a result, you can observe a place with close customer relationships, remarkable atmosphere and friendly environment.

We provide a wide range of services dedicated to men’s grooming. Our main services are regular haircuts, fades, long hair cuts, special shaving, hot shaves, scissor cuts and more.  Our barbers nyc utilize vintage tools for contemporary precision cuts as well as traditional barber services, including beard trimming and hot towel shaves. All our services are provided by knowledgeable and accommodating staff. We are the collaboration of talented barbers who care about you and your look. You may choose whatever service you want and our professionals will perform it. We know how to cut your hair and give you the closest and most comfortable shave.

We pay strict attention to our customers’ health. Our staff uses only high quality products that have been tested and certified.

We are always ready to give you a piece of advice about your hair cut, hair styles or any other service. Our barbers like the challenge of learning a client’s likes and dislikes because to us barbering is an everyday learning experience. For professional barbers we are always interested in learning the latest trends in cuts and shaves. Our barbers nyc are always looking for ways of improving their skills and expanding their knowledge.

No matter what your look is like, a well-groomed man gets noticed. At Fifth Avenue Barber Shop, we specialize in getting you noticed.  Visit our shop the next time you need a haircut or shave and you’ll soon discover what makes us superior to other shops.