How to choose a new barber?

  • April 1, 2016

Choosing a new haircut is tough and stressful, choosing a new barber is even tougher and stressful. You can face with this problem if you have moved to a new city or have a long-term business trip or vacation (what is more enjoyable). Of course, if you have a business trip in the NYC you won’t have any problems because the best Barber Shop in the NYC is always glad to see you, but if you are going somewhere else, you will have some questions.

For this very reason, our Barber Shop has prepared a short list with suggestions how you can choose a new barber. Check it!

Step #1. Location

Of course, the nearest Barber Shop can be good, but have you learned the theory of chances? Which chance, that this Barber Shop is the best?

We recommend you to ask someone, who has a nice haircut, where he gets it. If he is satisfied with his barber, he will be glad to recommend you a Barber shop.

Step #2. Check the environment

In most cases we can divide barbershops into 2 big groups: with a younger crowd and with an older clientele. You can check it through the window and then decide, where you will feel more comfortable. Also, you can hang around for some time and see who’s entering and leaving – are clients happy when they exit and do they have a great cut?  It will be the best indicator.

Step #3. Be ready to speak with a barber

Learn jargon a little bit before you take a seat. A good barber will ask you questions about how you like your hair done and what you’re looking for this visit. The better you will explain, the better result you will get.

Step #4. Feedback

A good barber will ask you about feedback during the haircut and after it. “Is it what you want?” Feel free about asking questions about styling and grooming your new haircut.

Step #5. Ask for a trim

If you have some doubts about this barber – ask for a trim. Let him get your hair cut and observe: how re-reacts? Does it take him 10 minutes or three-quarters? And then you can decide, is he an appropriative barber for you or not.

We glad to invite you to the best barber shop in the New York City, we will do our best to make your haircut perfect!