4 grooming tips, which can save your money

  • March 24, 2016

You have checked your bills and saw that you spend too much money for different grooming products. That’s happens. For this reason, we have prepared these special tips. Check them and save your money and have an awesome grooming at the same time.

Tip #1. Less is more

If you use your moisturizer twice, it will not double effective. However, it will be double expensive.

Barbers confirms that most people use too much styling product.

Make a mental note that pea-sized amount of moisturizer will moisturized your skin enough and exactly the same amount of cleanser will clean your face.

Overdoing can make more problems, than your bank balance. For example, using too much shampoo can lead too stripping out natural oils. Even washing hair too much is useless. You can take my word for it, daily washing is impractical. It is possible to wash your hair 2 times per week and it will be enough.

Just so works fragrance.  You shouldn’t use it too much, several puffs will be enough.

Tip #2. Don’t pay for the brand

Big part of the product’s price is its brand. You pay not for quality, but for brand. Do you really want to do this?

Consider products, which are not so popular (and consequently not so expensive). There are a lot of good cheaper products; you can advice with your barber on this point. Surely, he knows better, what will be appropriative for you.

Tip #3. Don’t judge

Don’t judge product for its cover. Don’t look on the label or at the price, pay your attention on the compound and choose wisely.

For example, if the product you have used to or you liked is out of your price range, compare its ingredients with more affordable options. Thankfully, there is a lot of negotiable options on the market now.

Tip #4. Don’t spend money for the useless stuff

You shouldn’t go to the shop to buy another expensive cleanser, when your previous becomes over. You can just come to the kitchen. Do you know that coconut oil is not only for cooling and making smoothie? You can use it like a great cleanser, an excellent pre-shave, and also like a perfect body moisturiser.

Sometimes, you can use some natural products from your kitchen for breaking the monotony.

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