Cartridge razor vs. Safety razor: which one to choose

  • January 14, 2016

Do you want to get a better shave, but you are not ready for shaving with a straight razor? In this case, you need a safety razor. It is not a question, which razor to choose: cartridge or safety one. Safety razor is probably better. We just show you, why safety razor is better and why you should trought out your cartridge one.

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For a long time safety razors were the most popular. And we have the answer on the question: why. Check this blog and you will find a lot of useful information.

#1. Cartridge razors

These razors are usually plastic and have no weight, so you need to apply unnecessary pressure. This razor has a multiple blades, which are very close to each other. It can cause pulling and tugging at longer stubble. At the same time it makes shaving uncomfortable and hard to get a close, clean shave in a single pass. When the first blade of the cartridge razor cuts the beard at the surface, the second one, third, and sometimes even fourth removes dead skin cells and can cause irritations and ingrown hairs. Cartridge razors are also prone to clogging, which can lead to bacteria growth which in its turn can lead to acne. The only benefit of these razors is hinge point that moves the head. Also, it is very hard to make a cut with this razor.

#2. Safety razors

The first benefit of safety razors that you can feel is the weight in your hand. It makes shaving easier and you don’t apply too much pressure. As you can admit, the single blade is less prone to clogging, it cuts your beard in a single pass, it helps to avoid irritation and ingrown hairs.  Safety razors are also cheaper than cartridge ones, it helps to change them more frequently and avoid bacteria build up. Many men don’t switch to a safety razor because they think it can be difficult. The truth is that after a several shaves you will have perfect technique and will shave as a God.

The only con you can find in safety razors is nicking.  But if you will practice, it won’t be a problem.

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#3. Comparing the cost

Let’s compare the cost of these two razors. 

Using a cartridge razor will cost to you approximately 140$ per year (a handle + catridges, a little bit more at a first year, for about 150-160$).

Using a safety razors will cost to you approximately 15$ per year (handle + blades, but keep in mind that at first year it will be for about 60$).

Choose razor with wisdom and don’t be nervous, if you have had a wrong choice. Nervous shaving can lead to cuts and nicks.